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A Volvo Mechanic's Maintenance Suggestions for Six Common Issues

Issue: Transmission problems/hard shifting. Some older Volvo models can develop transmission problems, particularly shifting issues.

Suggestion: Volvo technicians recommend regularly servicing or changing your transmission fluid as one of the best ways to protect against mechanical failure.

Issue: Oil leak/oil pressure problems. Oil leaking from the oil cap and low oil pressure is a common issue. This could eventually blow out seals or cause serious damage to the engine.

Suggestion: Unlike other manufacturers, Volvo vehicles don't have a PCV system to vent gases and fumes, but rather uses a Flame Trap System that can become clogged and cause oil leaks, rough idle, and a drop in oil pressure. Regularly cleaning or unclogging the Flame Trap system and replacing any worn and damaged parts will help prevent engine failure.

Issue: Headlight and tail/brake light bulbs burn out frequently.

Suggestion: Check your lights once a week and keep extra bulbs in your vehicle at all times. Some models - particularly earlier years - also have problems with fuses, so technicians recommend removing the fuses and checking for corrosion, cleaning terminals if necessary. It is also a good idea to carry extra fuses in your car, since this could be the reason for head/taillight failure. If you are stranded on the side of the road with no brake lights, it can be quite costly to pay a service technician to come and fix the problem for you when it can be as simple as changing a fuse or bulb.
Volvo Winter Tire Advice
Issue: Dashboard indicator lights come on frequently. Perhaps the most commonly noted issue from Volvo drivers is the fact that the "check engine" and other warning lights come on when there is seemingly nothing wrong with the car. Unfortunately, you don't know if it is just a faulty sensor or if there is actually is a serious problem. This can lead to a lot of costly trips to the mechanic.

Suggestion: Regularly check all levels and top up when needed. That way when your coolant or oil light keeps coming on you will know that it is more likely to be a sensor issue. Have your airbag, emergency brake, and oil pressure checked at each regular service. Since many of the dashboard indicator lights could mean serious safety issues, it is important to have anything unusual checked out by a qualified technician.

Issue: Rough idle, or 'clunking' when put into gear. Motor mount failure can be a common problem, particularly the mount located at the top of the engine.

Suggestion: Have all motor mounts checked at each regular service. Catching the problem early can prevent more costly repairs.

Issue: Air conditioning doesn't work properly. Some vehicles can develop a malfunctioning temperature sensor, causing the A/C to shut off when the cabin is still warm, or to begin producing heat rather than cool air. Sometimes the system will draw from the battery, even when the car is shut off.

Suggestion: Have the compressor and/or compressor clutch checked regularly to make sure it is functioning properly. Also, have a technician check the system to make sure that it isn't pulling from the battery when not in use. Having your car fail to start due to a dead battery is not only inconvenient, but it can also eventually damage your battery to the point that it has to be replaced.